SPJ UW Officer Elections!


Officer positions are up for 2017-2018 SPJ UW, with elections will be June 3, at Sureshot Espresso (on the Ave), 1 p.m.!

If you’re interested in running for a position, make sure you are or will become a registered SPJ member before the election, and prepare a statement explaining why you deserve the position. Your speeches will be due Friday, 5 p.m. to spjuw@uw.edu. If you do not submit your speech on time, you may still run, but know that it will be brought up, taken into consideration, and you WILL lose at least two votes in your favor (as we have SPJ members voting remotely).

Officer positions provide rewarding opportunities to learn and network. They also make a great addition to every resume!

More info about each officer position:

President (currently Kelsey Hamlin)


  • Organizes chapter agenda
  • Sends updates, news, and reminders to the chapter’s listserv
  • Brainstorms, coordinates, and promotes chapter events


  • Supreme rule over SPJ UW
  • Looks amazing on a resume
  • Great way to make contacts
  • Leadership experience
  • Create inroads for future career


Vice President (currently Taylor McAvoy)


  • Works with the president in event planning and organization
  • Promotion and outreach through the chapter’s Facebook page
  • Assists president in all other tasks


  • Gain experience in using social media as a platform for outreach
  • Opportunities to be creative/organizational
  • Communicate directly with professional journalists


Treasurer (currently Nathalie Graham)


  • Manage the chapter’s bank account and finances
  • Oversee card expenditures
  • Plan and pick up materials/food/beverages for chapter events


  • Learn how to budget and be financially responsible
  • Direct involvement in event planning and organizing


Secretary (currently unfilled, duties applied to the student liason)


  • Keeps record of meeting minutes
  • Writes blog posts about relevant news, internships, jobs, events, elections, etc.
  • Assists other officers in planning, promotion, and organization
  • Fill out and turn in the chapter’s end-of-year report


  • Lots of flexibility in selecting tasks
  • Get to do some creative work
  • Stay up to date on news/events


Student Liaison (currently Alex Visser)


  • Regularly meets with the regional board of SPJ
  • Keeps regional board up to date on student chapter happenings
  • Coordinate events between student and regional chapter


  • Regional board usually meets only once a month
  • Great opportunity to network with and get to know experienced journalists/transition into your post-student life in journalism
  • Lots of insight from incredible minds
  • The regional board pays for coffee and snacks

Position duties are subject to change at the beginning of every fiscal year should the Chapter decide it is necessary or if one officer is well suited for something else, or if officers want to switch around duties. These role-switches must be approved through a majority vote.

Feel free to contact spjuw@uw.edu if you want to get in contact with any people in current SPJ positions!




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