Hear from freelance photojournalist, Alex Garland!

For most of his career, Alex Garland has photographed protests, interactions with police, and action. He’s accompanied a good handful of our President’s pieces with South Seattle Emerald, and occasionally writes his own pieces on the Capitol Hill Blog and Seattle Weekly. In addition, Garland bounces between doing professional photography shoots for individuals and maintaining his journalistic work. Last year, he went to Standing Rock multiple times, and held a fundraiser in Seattle at an art gallery with his pieces to send money back to the camps. Garland is a very approachable, but hilariously cynical guy who once messaged “Whatever, I’m just gonna get huge and destroy people with my mighty beard and beautiful eyes.”

SPJ UW will be hosting this mighty-bearded photojournalist next Tuesday, March 7 in CMU 321 at 5:30 p.m.

Below is an example of Garland’s work, one our President picked out herself. It just so happened that this photo was the first of Garland’s to go viral. It’s from Occupy Wall Street.


We will canvas people for questions to be posed to Garland, so please submit anything you’d like to know to spjuw@uw.edu. Garland will have a presentation about his work, do’s and don’ts of photographing people on the fly, and some quick advice for beginners (like what equipment you can easily afford that still performs well; and how to make sure you get paid). He also wants to discuss working compassionately versus getting the story/shot with those who show.

We will also provide pizza and soda! 


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