Recap of Club Fair and Mixer

Last Thursday, the UW Communications Department played host to a fair and mixer for Registered Student Organizations (RSO).

SPJ helped to lead the processions, in conjunction with the Association for Women in Communications (AWC), the Public Relations Society of America (PRSSA), and the Husky Sales Club.

Situated in the entrance rotunda of the Communications Building, the fair drew spectators from the morning crowd of passersby, who were enticed by the promise of information (and free ice cream).

Each of the organizations found success in providing information to communications students looking to expand their resources and professional networks.

The club mixer took place later in the evening, in a Communications Building classroom. Pizza and beverages were provided to all attendees, and prospective members were able to learn about clubs in a more conversational nature.

The events were successful beyond the expansion of club membership. Members of RSOs were able to connect in a fun, casual atmosphere, and this served to strengthen the sense of solidarity among communications students from distinct disciplines.



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