SPJ Officer Elections! Tuesday Dec. 13th

Hey, everybody!

We’re sad to announce the resignation of our Secretary Anran Lin, who has decided to part with us and focus more on her academic career. Anran wishes us the best and hopes that the person who fills her position will find it as rewarding as she did. That being said, we have an open Secretary position for the rest of the year.

Our Vice President Taylor McAvoy will be studying abroad in Rome for Winter Quarter 2017. To help lighten the load on our President, we are also looking for an interim VP for Winter Quarter.

Our Student Liaison Chetanya Robinson is graduating at the end of this quarter as well! So we’re on the hunt to fill that position for the rest of the year.

Interested in running for SPJ, UW Chapter Executive Board positions? You must be an official SPJ member, registered with our national board. Look below for what each position entails. Each of our members have enjoyed and grown from their positions on the board, and we hope the next generation of SPJ officers will too! Plus, these titles offer:

  • Great networking opportunities
  • An impressive addition to your resume
  • Access to SPJ events in Seattle and across the country (+ discounts)
  • … and more!

The Secretary is responsible for:

  • Writing meeting minutes
  • Writing blog posts about upcoming available positions, committees, event re-caps, and anything applicable to the UW Journalism community
  • Posting about upcoming club events and internship opportunities
  • Helping other officers with flyers, posters, etc.

Perks of the Secretary position:

  • Offers flexibility with what tasks you want to take on and accomplish
  • Allows you to decide what skill you want to pursue and develop
  • Excellent networking opportunities; speak with notable journalists first hand
  • Know when all the cool internships are out and due
  • Meet other talented journalism students who can help you with anything

The Vice President is responsible for:

  • Working with the President to plan and host speaker events, movie nights, Q & A events, networking events, panels, etc.
  • Finding out what our SPJ members are most interested in seeing happen during the quarter and planning events to fit those desires
  • Managing the SPJ UW Facebook page
  • Promote events and blog posts on Facebook
  • Promote national and Seattle branches of SPJ on Facebook
  • Post about relevant news in the journalism world
  • Assist the President in any other tasks or blog writing

Perks of the Vice President position:

  • Expands knowledge of Facebook as a way to reach people by social media
  • Lots of opportunities to speak with notable journalists first hand and bring them to the UW for events
  • You get to know about lots of cool journalism events within SPJ and elsewhere
  • Allows for creativity if you choose to write newsy blog posts
  • Expands organizational skills
  • Expands timing and event planning skills

*Plus this position now is only interim so you can try it for a quarter; no pressure for the whole year!

The Student Liaison is responsible for:

  • Meeting with the Pro (regional, state) board [many of these people are local Seattle journalists and professors at UW in the journalism department]
  • Relay information from the Pro board to our Chapter
  • Update the Pro board with what the Chapter is up to

Perks of the Student Liaison position:

  • These meetings with the Pro board are only approximately once a month, so this isn’t as much of a time commitment as it sounds
  • Gives you the opportunity to work with some really incredible people who are key members of the Seattle journalism community, and great resources, mentors, and networks.
  • This has a high opportunity of being a lovely segway into your future/post-grad

A brief “Why I am qualified + why I want to serve in this position + what I want to bring to the table” speech will be required at the Dec. 13 meeting. Expected speech length can run one minute to three. Event and dress is informal, but come prepared to speak to your candidacy — and enjoy snacks!

Elections are Tuesday Dec. 13th at 5:30 p.m in CMU 321

Have questions? Want to learn more about a specific title? Email us at spjuw@uw.edu.


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