The 2016-2017 Board

Kelsey Hamlin


Kelsey Hamlin is a journalism major looking to double-major with Law, Societies & Justice — currently her minor. Hamlin freelances around various Seattle publications and writes for the University newspaper, The Daily; she has been doing both for approximately two years. Occasionally, she also records her own podcasts. Before her presidency, Hamlin served as SPJ Vice President. She’s also done one internship with The Seattle Times as a legislative reporter, and will be doing two internships this summer with KCTS 9 and South Seattle Emerald.

My focal point going into this presidency is diversity and partnership with other organizations. I believe one of the best ways to expand is to include other niches in your expansion. I’m incredibly excited to have new additions to the team and to hear the wonderful ideas I know they’ll bring to the table. Among other things, I also plan on creating even more fun, but relevant, events for this upcoming school year. As with my previous role, I fully expect our team to constantly alert students about great opportunities within and without the chapter. We already are and will continue to be a great resource for students, something I take great pride in and put importance on for our Chapter role.

Vice President
Taylor McAvoy


Taylor McAvoy is a sophomore in the journalism major and LSJ minor. She is a columnist and photographer for The Daily. Her work for the column Pillow Talk has been featured on Singular magazine. She is also an active member of the Association for Women in Communication, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and Historian for Alpha Epsilon Phi’s Alpha Delta chapter.

I am very excited to accept the position as Vice President in the SPJ UW chapter. As VP I plan to work with other officers to expand our chapter and reach more journalism students through social media and featured events. SPJ offers so many wonderful opportunities to develop a professional career and that’s something that should be shared and encouraged.
I hope to learn more relations and entrepreneurial skills, and reinforce those I already have, while fostering meaningful connections that will last long after graduation. There is a lot to look forward to in SPJ but I’m most excited for the people. I’m eager to work with and help other journalism students while meeting professionals in the field and learning from them. I believe that journalists should never stop learning and developing storytelling and reporting skills because we can always improve.

Anran Lin


Anran Lin is a sophomore majoring in Journalism and hoping to minor in Entrepreneurship before graduating in June 2018.

Growing up in Greece while receiving an American education as a Chinese student, I am very thankful for this tri-cultural experience that has given me the two most important skills in life: language and cultural adaptation. I speak three and half languages, which are Greek, English, Chinese and a dialect of Southern Chinese (which I consider as a half language). Besides my involvement in SPJ, I am also the Vice President at China Entrepreneur Network.
I love food and sports. I’ve been trying to become a vegetarian in the past few years, but never really see it coming. Hopefully during my time as an officer at SPJ, my team could be a helpful supporter in helping me becoming one!


This position will be decided at beginning of the next fiscal year.

State Board Liaison
Chetanya Robinson


Chetanya Robinson is a senior at UW, planning to graduate in fall 2016 with a double major in journalism and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures. He has written for a variety of local publications, has been a staff writer for the International Examiner since fall 2015, and recently finished an internship with Crosscut in winter and spring 2016. This summer, he’s interning with Awoko, a newspaper in Freetown, in Sierra Leone as part of the UW’s Foreign Intrigue scholarship program. Chetanya served as Secretary for SPJ UW last year, and this coming fall he’s looking forward to acting as liaison between the SPJ Washington board and the student chapter.

I hope to bring the expert knowledge I learn from Washington’s SPJ board and its members to the student chapter, and maintain strong connections and communication between the two boards.


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