UPDATED: Elections for SPJ UW officers extended

Updated (5/16): The positions of President and State Board Liasion were filled on May 12, but we are extending the elections to May 19 to fill the remaining positions: Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. See below for the details! RSVP on Facebook here.

Interested in running for SPJ, UW Chapter Executive Board positions? Look below for personal write ups from our President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Each of our members have enjoyed and grown from their positions on the board, and we hope the next generation of SPJ officers will too! Plus, these titles offer:

  • Great networking opportunities
  • An impressive addition to your resume
  • Access to SPJ events in Seattle and across the country
  • … and more!

A brief “Why I am qualified and why I want to serve in this position” speech will be required. Event and dress is informal, but come prepared to speak to your candidacy and eat cheesecake!

Have questions? Want to learn more about a specific title? Email us at spjuw@uw.edu.

Job descriptions (available unless marked otherwise):

Secretary –  Chetanya Robinson
“As Secretary, I’m primarily responsible for the chapter’s Facebook page and its WordPress blog. It’s my job to promote club events and post about our meetings and plans on Facebook, as well as job openings and interesting happenings at other journalism organizations like AAJA Seattle and SPJ Western Washington. Whenever the club has an event, I’ll write up a blog post about it if I can.

Like the other positions in this club, there’s a lot of flexibility, and the position is really what you want to make of it. It’s up to you to decide what skills and experience you want to develop and be able to put on resumes, and these positions can give you opportunities to do that. In my case, I had a lot of fun with the blog — in a way, I envisioned it as a news source for interesting journalism happenings on campus. For some events, I wrote up a full recap with a lot of detail, so that we and anyone interested can go back and relearn that we learned at our events. I had fun putting in pictures, Tweets, videos and multimedia, and did a Q&A with an alumnus doing interesting work. Basically I aimed to make it fun to read. Same with the Facebook page — I posted links to anything I found interesting, with the hope that it could be a resource for all journalism students on campus or even beyond, as well as SPJ members. Running the blog and Facebook page in this way are both things I can add to my resume and LinkedIn profile.”

Treasurer – Randy Salgado
“As Treasurer I’m primarily responsible for responsible for handling the club’s financial activities. Principal Accountabilities: cash flow in account, depositing checks, and updated on account balance to have knowledge of funds for events during meetings. I love this position for the little work flow it involves but the high pressure of responsibility it has holds for carrying around the club’s debit card and access to club’s money. This position has given me the involvement in the club more than I expected as an officer. I would have to be updated and prepared for providing statements of bank account, picking up the food/drinks for events as well as paying for them with the clubs card. This position gives you the opportunity to be financially responsible and to get a sense that you’re impacting people by providing treats during events for them to enjoy the opportunities we as a club provide for them.”

Vice President – Kelsey Hamlin
As Vice President I’m primarily responsible for:

– SPJ’s twitter account
This includes scheduling tweets in a timely manner to alert students to scholarships, job opportunities, SPJ events (Pro and Chapter), as well as anything else that might be helpful to them (ethics, resources). Handling our twitter account also includes a bit of live-tweeting for some events. Twitter updates should aim to be informative, fit in 140 characters, and be timely. Multiple updates on one topic is often a tactic used across the course of two weeks. Occasionally retweeting relevant things from the UWComm twitter, and the national’s and pro’s SPJ twitters, is a good idea. Emojis are a nice touch when you’re trying to get a tweet noticed. Use relevant hashtags as a form of promotion.  Scholarship deadlines, I think, are one of the most important and helpful things for current students, so I try to get multiple tweets out about each scholarship, at-ing the organization it’s coming from, and UWComm, as well as adding hashtags. We are a service to the whole journalism community, not just the UW.
– Meeting minutes
This means taking notes of everything discussed at our weekly meetings in an officer-shared Google document. I tend to make to-do topics in red as reminders.
– Help
An example: Helping our President get events organized, curating lists, sending out reminders. I additionally try to help the treasurer grab food and drinks when I can.

While there’s flexibility here — and I really wouldn’t call the job even remotely stressful — it does have a little more responsibility. I personally love the VP job because it makes me think a little more analytically, but I’ll admit there’s been times where I’d tweet out the wrong room number for an event and change it within a few minutes. Try not to do that.

Being VP genuinely makes me happy to think I’m helping people, alerting them to impacting opportunities they might have otherwise missed. The job also makes you gain public speaking skills. It’s really helped me become more comfortable in front of an audience, and as a speaker.”

President – Holly Thorpe (position filled for 2016-2017)
“As the President I wear many hats. One day I’m visiting classes to invite people to join the chapter, the next I’m sending emails to potential speakers or meeting with other RSOs on campus to co-host events with. That said, my regular responsibilities include:

  • Setting the weekly agenda for chapter meetings
  • Writing and sending out our weekly newsletter with updates, chapter news and reminders for our events
  • Facilitating chapter discussions and meetings (Introductions, brainstorming, feedback, etc.)
  • Helping coordinate events (delegating responsibility to other chapter members, reaching out to speakers, reserving rooms, etc.)
  • Promotion (designing and distributing fliers, sending event info to Troy and professors to promote, scheduling class visits, speaking at open houses/orientations, etc.)
  • Meeting semi-regularly with advisers (primarily Jessica Partnow) for event updates, troubleshooting

A big part of my job is making sure our members all get a say in what are events are, when they happen, and how we can make them better and more useful for student journalists. My goals are to make all members feel included and important in our conversations, to ensure my officers have plenty of work to do (joking… kind of), and to ensure meetings are productive and meaningful for everyone involved.  I put in a couple hours a week – how many can fluctuate depending on what we have scheduled that week. Because I have such a strong exec board backing me, I can rely on them to help me make sure everything runs smoothly.

Personally, I love this job. Er, “job.” It’s demanding, but not too stressful or time-consuming. It’s challenging, in that it forces me every week to reconsider what good leadership and teamwork looks like. The people I work with and students I aim to serve are phenomenal and inspirational, and I’ve learned a ton from meeting with and talking with them every week. The journalists I’ve met and events I’ve attended because of this title have been absolutely invaluable to me, and I can’t recommend involvement with SPJ UW at the Executive Board level highly enough!”



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