Meet new SPJ UW leaders

SPJ UW elected new leaders for the 2015-2016 school year. Meet the chapter’s new president, vice president and secretary.

1534385_653757754672614_1071918156_nHolly Thorpe is a junior in the journalism major and double minor in CHID and English. She have written for The Daily  and a number of community publications in the Puget Sound. Originally from Wenatchee, Wash., she has interned at The Wenatchee World and freelances for the Wenatchee Valley Business World. She is also active on campus with the public interest group WashPIRG as well as the online art forum “Trash Talk.”

As president of the UW Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, I am honored to serve the UW community by extending to them the opportunities for professional development I have been able to enjoy. I am particularly eager to grow the chapter and extend its reach in the department.

kelseyKelsey Hamlin is a sophomore majoring in journalism and minoring in LSJ. She writes for The Daily and is a fairly new member to SPJ, though she has attended odd-end meetings since her freshman year.

I really plan on broadening the UW SPJ chapter and reaching a larger audience to get more people to participate and really be able to see the opportunities that it could give them. I would most definitely brainstorm with the secretary concerning Twitter, and Facebook pages for getting the word out there—and more than just making our own platform, but going onto other platform pages and getting involved with those as well.
By being VP, I really hope to become more entrepreneurial in journalism while additionally making grander connections myself. It would do wonders for post-graduation jobs and would lend me that volunteer experience that I’ve additionally been searching for. But aside from myself, I love watching people grow and I love being able to aid them in that process. That’s really what I believe this program is about and I feel like it can do this even more so than it is currently—not that it does a bad job by any means.

11225832_10202758799971004_1477493675_nChetanya Robinson is a junior studying journalism and Near Eastern Languages and Civilization at the UW. He writes for the UW Daily and is working on getting his freelance career off the ground. A Seattle native, he can never get enough nature.

I’m very excited to be taking on the position of secretary in the UW chapter of SPJ. I look forward to being part of something that can help support journalism students and provide awesome opportunities for them. As well as being responsible for recording meetings, I’ll be handling  chapter communications, including social media and the SPJ blog, which I hope will continue  to be an enticing site for interested students, as well as interesting to read in its own right. I look forward to communicating what SPJ has to offer, and helping to grow its membership.

ashleyAshley Walls is a junior studying journalism with a minor in Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies. She works at the Seattle Times and is the outreach intern for the Communication department. She writes for The Daily and freelances for the Seattle Globalist and many other outlets. She’s an active member of the Seattle Association of Black Journalists and several other professional organizations. Her hobbies include sports (of nearly every kind), reading and cooking. She is a student representative for the Western Washington SPJ pro chapter, where she helps coordinate programs between students and professionals.

I’m very excited to be in the unique position of student liaison for our chapter. By being the liaison between the student chapter and the professional board, I hope to continue to foster the amazing relationships between students and professionals that this organization offers. I want to continue to develop programming that is beneficial to students and help make the most out of the amazing potential that our students have. I’ve been so fortunate with the connections I’ve made through this group, and want the same for other students in our department. I’m eager to see all the incredible things we’ll be able to accomplish in the coming year, and look forward to staying engaged with both groups within the chapter.

SPJ UW is still looking for a treasurer, the officer responsible for keeping track of the chapter’s finances. For more information, email

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