Free tickets to ‘Manuscripts Don’t Burn’ at SIFF


Courtesy Maria Rodriguez Abad

The Seattle International Film Festival has reached out to our chapter with a few free tickets for a journalism-related film screening. Interested? Contact

Manuscripts Don’t Burn
In this gripping political thriller, Mohammad Rasoulof defies a 20-year ban on filmmaking to tell the true story of two government assassins tasked with eliminating 21 dissident writers and journalists.

Shot in Iran without permission (the names of cast and crew are redacted from the credits for fear of state retribution), the film is an explicit attack on the evils of state corruption, violence, and censorship in modern-day Iran. The title borrows a much-quoted line from author Mikhail Bulgakov’s celebrated anti-Soviet satire “The Master and Margarita,” and the plot is based on the true story of a failed 1995 government plot to eliminate 21 dissident writers and journalists. Now, a former dissident-turned-state intelligence minister wants to eliminate all traces of this inconvenient truth from memory. Told from the point of view of the two low-level enforcers tasked with carrying out his plan, Manuscripts Don’t Burn is a brave and deeply personal film from a filmmaker with an important story to tell, willing to take great personal risks to tell it.

June 4 | 9:30 PM | AMC Pacific Place
June 8 | 7:30 PM | Harvard Exit
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