What’s next for SPJ UW

We’ve spent a lot of time planning this quarter, and now we’re ready to move forward with programming.

Here’s what we’ve come up with so far:

Each quarter, we’ll have one main event and two speakers or workshops. Is there someone you’d like to hear from or something you want to learn about? Tell us at uwsocietyprojourn@gmail.com.

We’re also working on events and opportunities with the Western Washington pro chapter. Here’s what we’re planning:

Speed-mentoring: Last year, SPJ UW members met with local professionals and toured KOMO studios for SPJ Wash’s speed-networking event. We’re doing it again this winter. You’ll get a chance to sit down one-on-one with current and former broadcast, digital, print and photo journalists and, tentatively, tour The Seattle Times.

Contribute to SPJ Wash’s blog: Instead of bringing in an intern this spring, SPJ Wash will open its blog to SPJ UW member contributors. You can grab a biweekly slot to cover media issues and work one-on-one with an editor from the pro chapter.

Twitter: We heard from many of you who want to get more Twitter experience and followers. You’ll get the keys this year to tweet from the SPJ Wash Twitter account and mention your handle to gain more followers.

Critique: Bring along your resumes, cover letters, portfolios or links to your social media accounts this spring and have materials critiqued by local pros. This is a great opportunity to learn what journalists look for when hiring for internships and entry-level positions. Planned this spring.

Stay tuned for updates and thanks for a great quarter.


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