Students visit national conference

eij2SPJ UW sent two students to a national journalism conference this summer.

Excellence in Journalism – hosted annually by the Society of Professional Journalists and Radio Television Digital News Association – is a three-day series of workshops and networking events, held this year from Aug. 24 to 26 in Anaheim, Calif.

Here’s what they had to say:

Ashley Stewart is the incoming president for the University of Washington’s Society of Professional Journalists.

Favorite workshop:

I really enjoyed “Journalism, Coding and You” – A panel of data journalists led by USC Annenberg professor Robert Hernandez made the case for coding and journalism in what they called a “battle royale.” It got me thinking about different ways to tell a story. And it was very fun, watch it here.

And later, I sat at a roundtable with panelist Andy Boyle, news applications developer for the Chicago Tribune, who answered my questions and shared data visualization tips.

Another helpful workshop: “Our Digital Shadows: Journalism and Online Reputation” – University of Connecticut professional Marie Shanahan had a lot of good resources for developing a professional online presence.

Favorite connection made:

Former SPJ DePaul University president Ali Trumbull and adviser Mike Reilley had really great tips for improving our chapter at a session for student leaders. I’ve been keeping in touch with a few people, but these two were especially helpful.

How did the conference help?

I learned new things I wouldn’t yet encounter at school.

What have you been working on since?

I’ve been experimenting with what I learned at the conference – some search engine optimization tricks and social media tools, but especially coding. So far, nothing has come together, but I guess that’s how I’ll learn.

Simon Fox is a journalism major and executive producer of The Daily Double Shot, the University of Washington’s student newspaper television series.

Favorite workshop:

At EIJ 2013, my favorite workshop was the narrative story telling workshop with Tom Hallman. When it boils down to it, my fascination with journalism stems from my passion for storytelling. Though much of the industry focuses on staying unbiased and removed from the story, Mr. Hallman encouraged us to think of this as folly. Every reporter brings bias into their stories. By teaching us techniques of putting voice onto the page Mr. Hallman illustrated how a journalist can wear his bias on his sleeve without losing credibility. The long length of the lecture really helped as well, allowing for more examples and personal experiences.

Favorite connection made:

The connection I made was during a video critique, where a fellow journalist watched a few of the videos I made for the University of Washington’s Daily newspaper. He was from Seattle and put me into contact with an editor from the Seattle Weekly. He also gave great advice for how to improve the production of the show.

How did the conference help?

After hearing the horror stories of journalists lost without work, it was reassuring to see hundreds of suite and tie journalists making money and sharing the secrets to their trade. The conference taught me that networking, especially with new social media, is the way to become established and recognized.

What have you been working on since?

Since returning to the University of Washington I have been working in the office of The Daily, testing out the new equipment. I had never worked with digital video cameras before, so I am restarting the learning process from the ground up.


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